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Talk with your data: Get instant insights

Use Flowtrail AI's transformative AI capabilities to transform text into Reports and SQL queries. Make data more accessible and insights more actionable with our AI technology. Get instant insights and make better decisions.

Your analytics experience will be transformed by Flowtrail's AI technology

You're in for a paradigm shift with Flowtrail AI. From streamlined data management to intuitive reporting, our platform revolutionizes how you work with data.

Natural language to SQL

Natural Language to SQL lets you generate SQL queries effortlessly. Let our advanced AI technology translate your words into powerful SQL commands. Say goodbye to complex syntax and manual query writing.

Speak Your Insights

Make your reporting experience better with Flowtrail AI's Natural Language to Reports feature. Write an analysis in plain language and we'll create a comprehensive report for you. Make data and insights more accessible with intuitive interactions.

  • Making it easier to access

    We make data access easier across the organization with text-to-sql and natural language reporting. Get insights faster and make better decisions.

  • Time Efficiency

    Save time and streamline your workflow with Flowtrail AI's Text-to-SQL and Natural Language to Report features. Faster decision-making with automated query formulation.

  • Improved Decision-Making

    Natural Language Reporting and Text-to-SQL features in Flowtrail AI let you make smarter decisions. Use data-driven insights to make better decisions.

Refined Conversations

Refined Conversations: AI chat history.

The refined chat history feature of Flowtrail AI lets you pick up where you left off in conversations, allowing for smoother interactions with your data. Increase productivity and understanding with a history that fits your needs.

Smarter Text-to-Report

Smarter Queries, Clearer Insights.

Our Text-to-Report tool simplifies creating reports and dashboards. With detailed query descriptions and clear SQL explanations, Seamlessly save queries to your dataset section and save reports directly to the report section from the AI chat, ensuring efficient and organized data management.

Make your data analytics journey simple

Start using Flowtrail AI now and unlock the potential of your data swiftly and efficiently. Seamlessly progress from data connection to actionable insights, turbocharging your analytics journey.


With Flowtrail AI, you can seamlessly create, analyze, and scale your reports and graphs, empowering your data-driven decisions.

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