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02 July 2024 New

Datasource Metadata: Train Your Chat Agent with Custom Metadata

You can now train your datasources by providing detailed descriptions for each table and column. This feature enhances the accuracy of AI chat responses and simplifies complex schema structures, enabling Flowtrail AI to intelligently select the appropriate tables based on your queries.

SSH Tunneling for Database Connections

Added support for SSH tunneling to enhance the security and flexibility of database connections. This feature encrypts data transmission and allows connections to databases behind firewalls or in private networks, ensuring secure and flexible access.

Enhanced User Documentation

A complete and detailed documentation is now available on our new website, making it easier for you to navigate and utilize Flowtrail AI features effectively.

14 June 2024

Enhanced Database Security with SSL Support

Flowtrail AI now supports SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for all database connections, enhancing both security and flexibility. This new feature ensures that all data transmitted between your application and the database is encrypted, allowing you to securely connect to SSL-secured databases.

Whitelabeling IP Address

Whitelabeling IP Address allows you to customize and assign specific IP addresses to your network resources. This feature enhances your networks security by ensuring only authorized IP addresses can access your services, providing greater control and protection over your digital environment.

New Dataset Parameter - SQL query

The SQL query parameter for datasets enables you to create dynamic datasets based on database values. This feature allows you to input custom SQL queries, offering greater flexibility and precision in data retrieval. Customize your datasets with specific queries to optimize your data analysis and insights

AI Chat with Next Prediction Questions

The Next Prediction Question feature in our AI Chat functionality enables you to generate the next set of possible questions based on your chat history. This smart feature analyzes past interactions to suggest relevant follow-up questions, helping you to dig deeper into the data and uncover actionable insights effortlessly.

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